Who Are We?

Accessibility and social justice are inextricably linked. As such, ProtestAccess is a volunteer collective that works to fill the critical gap in accessibility for social justice-related content on social media platforms. 

ProtestAccess doesn’t curate content. As long as a requested piece of content is relevant to conversations and events related to social justice, we’ll make it accessible. It’s not our place to pick and choose what content is good or correct. In line with transcription and captioning ethics, we act as conduits of information.

In addition to providing service, we aim to use our platform to amplify the intersection of access and justice, and to contribute towards making a future where accessibility is so commonplace that we no longer need to exist. 

What Do We Do?

At ProtestAccess, we transcribe, visually describe, caption, and provide content warnings for content related to the Black Lives Matter movement and other social justice. To do this work, volunteers respond to requests for accessibility from individuals from the d/Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Blind/visually impaired, and English Language Learner communities who seek that access after the fact. As we are all volunteers, we do not have the capacity to provide services for content creators.  

How Does It Work?

Do you see a piece of content on social media that is inaccessible to you? DM or @ us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and link us to the content. If it falls within our scope, we’ll let you know that it’s in our system. If it doesn’t fall in our scope, we’ll let you know that, too.


You have options on Twitter besides just DMing us! Whether it’s a single post or an entire thread, you can tweet @ProtestAccess using the hashtag #ProtestAccessRequest in response to the content you want accessible. If it’s a thread, please specify exactly which posts you want us to work on. We’ll respond to let you know it’s in our system.